How to promote on Social Media and everything you wanted to know about the YouTube Community Tab!
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EcammLive is the premiere live streaming software for Macs. In this video you'll learn:
- How to Screen Share your iPhone
- How to check your Audio Input Settings in EcammLive
- Why EcammLive is the best livestreaming software for MacOS

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Taking your questions about live streaming and unboxing some new gadgets. Google Home is much better at pronouncing my name than Alexa.

#youtubelive #googlehome #twotaps

Two taps = like the video and subscribe to the channel


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Multi streaming with EcammLive for Mac users is finally possible through the integration with Stream to YouTube, Twitch, Periscope and more at the same time with all the powerful tools that come with EcammLive.
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Why should you promote your podcast on Instagram? In this video I'll share how you can use Instagram to grow the audience for your podcast and keep your loyal listeners engaged.

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Podcaster burn out is called podfading. Here are some tips to stop podfading and keep you podcasting!
#podcating #podfading #podcasters

Get topic ideas with Answer the Public

Make Alexa Flash Briefings

Convert Live Stream…

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One of thing that can help promote your podcast and solves major podcasting pain points is automation. Learn how to use Zapier to post your latest episode on social media. You can even use the Zapier RSS tool to promote your podcast on Instagram.

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In this tutorial for you'll learn how to organize your audio library from inside the app. Anchor is a podcast producer in your pocket. Yet at times there is so much content stored in the app we can't easily sort through to find what we n…

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In this digital media news update we take a look at what's new in popular apps like:

Twitter Timeline and favoriting live streams
LinkedIn Groups

#twitter #digitalmedia #linkedin

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Reaction and review of the Elgato Green Screen after setting it up for the first time. My old green screen took almost an hour to set-up so I replaced it with the 58 inch wide, Collapsible Chroma Key Panel Green Screen from Elgato Gaming.
#greenscreen #review #livestreaming

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I got a new green screen! Come and watch me unbox it!

#greenscreen #unboxing

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Sept. 9, 2018

1 Million YouTube Views

In 9 years since I started on YouTube my videos have been watched by you guys well over 1 million times! I have almost 7,000 subscribers and uploaded well over 300 videos.
#onemillionviews #greenscreen #youtubelive

Time to celebrate 🎉 so I cleaned up my office and bought a new mic!!! Just kidding,…

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Growing your podcast starts with great content but there is more you can do to get the word out about your show. It starts with tracking your podcast stats and finding out where you can grow!

#podcastingtips #podcasting


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There are 5 myths about hosting your podcast on Anchor that will help you decide if you want to start an Anchor podcast. For example Anchor helps distribute your podcast to Apple Podcast but they do not auto-submit your show to iTunes. They will auto-submit your podcast to Spotify which is a good t…

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Listener support for your favorite podcaster on Anchor.
You can support The Anchor Show podcast here ➞
#podcasting #anchorfm #listenersupport

Read the blog post:

"If you love this podcast, you can support the creator with a…

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These YouTube 5 Productivity tools will help you maintain a more productive YouTube workflow
#productivity #youtubetips #youtubelive
☀︎ Elgato Stream Deck 02:38 get it here →

~ Nightbot is a free alternative 12:34

☀︎ Use to multi stream on YouTube, Twitch, Fa…

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Digital Media news covering #podcasting #livestreaming #pm18 including:

☀︎ Podcast Movement 2018
☀︎ - Podcast Lab 01:50
☀︎ Google Podcasts 09:39
☀︎ Fac…

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Elgato Stream Deck is a very popular tool for the gaming community but in this video I'll show you how to use Elgato Stream Deck even when you are not a gamer.
#livestreaming #streamdeck #youtubelive
☀︎@Elgato STREAM DECK☀︎

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YouTube and Twitter Latest News and Q&A

#WomenCreators #youtubelive #twitter

Topics covered:
Patreon buys Kit


Instagram on Windows 10
IGTV on Mac
LinkedIn QR code
Periscope updates 01:13:55

It would be great if you …

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Have you ever wished you could send out an email to your list when you're on the go? Do you wish there was an easy way to grow your list when you're at a conference, Meetup or other in-person events.
Start #emailmarketing with Aweber today

Try AWeber

AWeber Mobile App…

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Digital Media is changing at the speed of light. Video, Podcasting, Social Media, Live Streaming and more news in today's live stream.

Podcast Movement

New Media Show - Google Podcasts Announcement of Creator Program

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June 24, 2018

IGTV Desktop Tutorial

Wondering how to make videos for #IGTV from your Desktop? In this IGTV Desktop tutorial, I show you 3 ways to make vertical videos from your computer.

BONUS: If you are on a Mac, you can upload your IGTV video directly!
#instagramtips #ileanegram
My website: ht…

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Have you ever tried to listen to podcasts? If you have a smart phone it's very easy to do and I'll show you why listening to podcasts are fun and easy to consume.

Overcast and Castbox are two apps you can use to consume podcasts from your phone.

My web…

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With all the choices we have for our videos, why should we go with YouTube Live?
For one thing, live streaming on YouTube can increase your video watch time.
#youtubelive #livestreaming


Tools I …

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