I introduce you to some new podcasting apps: Grab your custom URL over at Rate This Podcast, see your Apple Podcasts reviews on the web on Podbay and get the Podcast Scheduler to jot down info about your podcast guests and other notes for your show.

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Should you switch to an Instagram Creator or Business Account? What are the benefits of each Instagram account type? There are pros and cons to both so let's decide which is best for your account!
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#instagramforbusiness #instagramcr…

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Snapchat continues to be one of the funniest apps of the year! Learn how to use Snapchat Cameos to give all your story content a much needed refresh.

BackPack Studio app is also getting more fun to use these days!

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We can now go live in a Facebook Watch Party that we are hosting on our Facebook Page, profile, or in a Group.

Here's how it works. Start the watch party with an existing Facebook video and add a layer of live commentary overlay with a Facebook Live video or --

00:00 Intro what is a Facebook Watc…

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When there is an update to MacOS it can be a challenge to find features we had in previous versions. Go into Preferences on your Mac to fix screen-sharing for all of your video applications. This works with Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina and more.

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Dec. 2, 2019

Get Ecamm Live Today

Get Ecamm Live
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✴️ ILE…

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Ecamm Live is a must-have live streaming application for every Mac user. This application is extremely versatile and one of my favorite options is the green screen feature. Give Ecamm Live a try today -

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Twitter is an awesome tool that all video creators can take advantage of to promote their content. In this video I'll share 5 ways you can promote your YouTube videos on Twitter.
#TwitterTips #VideoMarketing
0:00 Meet Ms. Ileane

01:42 Twitter cards allow people to watch your video while they are …

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If you are wondering why you should go live with Streamyard, here are my reasons.

Get Streamyard before the price goes up!

03:50 Multistream directly from Streamyard
06:20 Live stream to LinkedIn Live with Streamyard
07:20 Use Ecamm Live to stream directly to Twit…

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Tailwind has launched a FOREVER-FREE Smart Bio tool to help solve the Link In Bio problem that Instagram users face. Use this tool to link to your website and social media profile and add call to action links to your Instagram posts!



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With the newest changes it might be possible that affiliates can make more money on Twitch. During Twitchcon 2019 Twitch announced that "Affiliates will earn a revenue share from ads." This is huge news for those of us who are affiliates and struggling to reach our first payout on Twitch.

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Learn to use Ecamm Live integrations with Stream Deck and Streamlabs. With the Elgato Stream Deck you can install the Ecamm Live plugin. You can use the Streamlabs alert widgets and chat widget with @Ecamm Live

#streamdeck #ecammlive #livestreamers

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This is the complete video archive for this channel and scroll down on this page to get your own YouTube Archive for all of your videos →

🚀 Get prepared and feel more confident before you go live.
Download the FREE YouTube Live Checklist…

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Sept. 16, 2019

Goals for Your Content

Have you decided on the goals for your content?

#2taps #goals #content
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Twitter has some hidden features and Anchor updates their video transcription tools.
Change your email address on your Anchor RSS feed.
Matt Navarra has a new podcast on Anchor called Geek Out with Matt Navarra

Audiograms can be made with 2 other tools. Headliner and Wa…

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YouTube is starting to look more and more like Twitch these days.
Twitch had these features first:
Bits/Cheers - Much like Superchat
Animated Cheers - Superchat Stickers
Video Premieres - Video Premieres
Subscribers - YouTube Members
Emotes - Custom Emojis
Twitch Blacksmith Panel and Merch
Twitch C…

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Podnews and Podchasher will help you get more podcast subscribers. You can send listeners to a personalized landing page with links to all platforms where your podcast is available, or to a profile page that lists all of your podcasts.

Get the Podnews flash briefing on Alexa…

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YouTube Studio Beta Updates include:
Video performance comparison for uploaded videos
Community Tab Link and latest post summary
Announcements - for example Super Chats expanded
Channel Settings have moved
New! Beta Uploader
#2taps #YouTubeStudio #YoutubeTips
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Facebook Creator Studio allows you to Schedule Instagram and IGTV from Desktop. Connect your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Page and the magic will happen including scheduling all of your Instagram and IGTV uploads!

You can also see more detailed insights from this Facebook dashboard …

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Streamyard replaces hangouts as the go to platform for podcasters who want to record their podcasts from a video live stream.

#livestreaming #ecammlive #theyard


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Learn how to use Ecamm Live with the Elgato Stream Deck.

#livestreaming #ecammlive #streamdeck

Elgato Stream Deck

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Live Stream with Multiple apps that combine for a full-featured broadcast. I'm joined by Ros Boundy in this video where you'll see:

🚀Starting with EcammLive from Ecamm Network alongside Streamlabs
🚀 Into StreamYard via Restream
🚀 A quick demo of
🚦Last but certainly not least Elgato Gamin…

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The new Twitter Layout is reversed so how do you turn on dim mode and find your analytics. Use Twitter LiveCut to highlight clips from previous live streams.

Get old Twitter layout back

#twitterlayout #dimmode
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When you live stream on Periscope with the @Streamlabs mobile app you can add your logo and a call to action text on screen during your stream.
#streamlabs #periscope #branding
Get Streamlabs mobile app for iOS or Android or Streamlabs OBS for PC:

Tap the thumbs up …

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