We can now schedule Instagram posts directly from Canva. We don't need to download images or videos to our computer, we just need to connect our Instagram business account to Canva.

As an alternative to Canva, we can also schedule Instagram posts from Facebook Creator Studio. I cover both in this …

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Canva is an online design and publishing tool that makes it easy for anyone to create amazing visuals without any graphic design experience.

▶ Try Canva now:

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Running a YouTube Channel can be challenging, that's why you need help! TubeBuddy is a browser-based extension and a website with an incredible suite of tools to help you find missing opportunities and get more views and subscribers on YouTube.

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Podcasters in the U.S. who host on Anchor can now make money by offering exclusive content for subscribers.

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Aug. 22, 2021

1 year old plays drums

On his first birthday my grandson Joseph is learning to play drums!

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Joseph’s 1 Year Old Birthday Jamfest Prep . 🎥
Watch Joseph play his new drum set

Gift ideas for boys on Amazon

DISCLAIMER: Ileane Smith…

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Corey and LaQuita from "Blind Man, His Wife, Their Life" won the plush @StreamYard duck in a giveaway on my channel.

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Give Streamyard a try and get access to the Giveaway tool for free!

Start your stream with @Streamyard then go to Pick the phrase you want people to type in the chat. When the time comes, share the tab on screen so people can see the tool as…

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YouTube introduced a new monetization tool for creators. If you are part of the YouTube Partner program, check your monetization tab to see if you are eligible for Super Thanks.

0:00 Super Thanks Rolls Out
0:32 How to see if you have it
0:48 Go to your monetization tab
1:00 How to enable Super Tha…

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YouTube Partners can now link to ANY website in their YouTube Cards. This is a big shift and we no longer need to set up associated websites from our Google accounts and connect them in YouTube settings.

0:00 This update impacts YouTube Partners only
3:03 New policy from YouTube about card links

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This is an excerpt from Episode 111 of The Anchor Show where I update you with all of the changes coming to

Listen to the full episode to find out about all the updates to Anchor 🎧

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Set up your profile on Influence and you can find sponsors and get brand deals.

Go to →

Influence is empowering the influencer and creator generation. It is a community of influencers and creators learning together. Find opportunities to collaborate with the busines…

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The CreatorScape infographic was created by Niel Robertson and Ryan Angilly of Influence. Set up your Influencer Profile at:

Who is
They are empowering the influencer and creator generation

See the full Infographic:
☕️ …

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Joselin Mane runs a weekly show called #MonetizeMonday on Twitter Spaces. When the space ended after 2 hours, we joined his Happs live video broadcast to continue the conversation with 2 of the founders; Mark Goldman and David Neuman




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Which software are you using for your live streams? Are you using a browser based tool like Streamyard, Happs, Facebook Producer or something else.

Video Creator Expo is hosted by @Simplistically Digital

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Yes, the new iMac has a chin. So what? There are bigger things to be concerned about with this machine.

Shop for the M1 Mac on Amazon

0:00 New 24 inch M1 Mac
3:26 The Chin
9:40 TouchID keyboard
18:19 Builtin Mic versus the Shure MV7
22:49 Facetime Webcam
30:22 Buy Me a Cof…

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Can we use Twitter Spaces to grow our Twitter accounts? In my case the answer is yes. I went from losing 100 followers to gaining 100 followers in less time.

0:00 Twitter rolls out new features

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Spotify and Apple Podcast announce Paid Podcast Subscriptions
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