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The Anchor Show is hosted by Ms. Ileane of This show covers top-level podcasting tips, and digital media tutorials that will inspire you on your content creation journey.

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Oct. 14, 2021

Audio Content is The New Black

Audio content has become increasingly popular in the last few months and social audio is the buzz word that everyone is "talking"…

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Oct. 5, 2021

Spotify Gives Anchor Podcasters Tools to Connect with Listeners

Spotify has introduced new tools to build audience engagement for all Anchor users. Add polls and Q&A to each episode that listen…

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July 25, 2021

Link in Bio Tools for Your Podcast

As informed podcasters, we want our podcasts listed in every directory but the problem with this is, it makes it hard to find a p…

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June 18, 2021

Anchor is Changing Course

The Anchor voyage is heading in a new direction. Anchor has announced they will no longer distribute new podcasts to Apple podcas…

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March 26, 2021

Two Million Apple Podcasts and Live Streaming with Happs

This episode is recorded with the Shure MV7 USB Microphone using the Back Pack Studio App. You can watch me unbox the Shure MV7 o…

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March 16, 2021

Follow The Anchor Show on Apple Podcasts

No one saw it coming when Spotify acquired Anchor in February 2019 and since that time podcasting has undergone significant chang…

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