About Ms. Ileane Presents The Anchor Show

Welcome to The Anchor Show hosted by Ms. Ileane of ileanesmith.com. This show covers top-level podcasting tips, and digital media tutorials that will inspire you on your content creation journey. 


About the Host

Ileane Smith

Your Digital Media Tour Guide

Ms. Ileane is the host of The Anchor Show.
She started podcasting in 2009 which is also when she started her YouTube channel. She currently has over 2 million views and well over 11,000 subscribers on her channel where she is focused on providing content to inspire and help people master the tools and tech they need to build an audience and get more exposure online.

Live streaming is another area of her online expertise and she's a social audio enthusiast too.

Ms. Ileane is also a single mother and recently became a first time grandmother.