How Amazon Influencers Can Increase Their Earning with Logie

Amazon Influencers have two dashboards to track their stats one as an Influencer and one as an Affiliate.
And when you join Logie you'll get advanced analytics along with the opportunity to earn commissions of 20% - 50% on select products. Join Logie today!

As an Amazon influencer I doubled my commissions
when I started using Logie

You may ask, What is Logie?

Logie is an all-in-one Amazon Influencer Toolkit!

You can create and manage your content, track performance,
grow your network, earn extra commissions and find great
products to promote!

Once you join Logie you will get a free landing page that has
the domain So it'll be slash and then
your username and you're able to like feature your top selling
products on this page.

And when someone clicks on one of your Amazon links from
this page, it's like a “deep link” which means that it opens directly
in the Amazon app so they don't have to go and log in because it opened
up in the browser and all that.

Here's something else, with Logie you're going to eliminate all
those menial tasks going back and forth and negotiating with brands.
And the payments, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

That headache - poof it's gone

Instead of the 2% or 4% that you can earn directly from Amazon,
Logie brand opportunities will pay you from 20% up to 50% every
time you make a sale!

Currently hundreds of Influencers have already signed up for Logie
but they're on a waitlist. But your girl got the special code to get
you in! You're going to skip the waitlist but you have to use this link
Now this is 100% free, just to be clear, but you need to use this

I'll see you on the inside,
Happy selling


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0:11 What is Logie
0:31 Go.Shopping Page
1:07 No more menial tasks
1:35 Earn up to 50% per sale
1:50 Skip the waitlist
2:00 USE CODE:

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