YouTube SEO Tips Hover Cards and VidIq Stats YouTube Hover Cards show a preview of your channel banner and your channel descriptions.
The VidIq extension for Chrome shows a full list of stats for each video you watch along with the video tags which were previously hidden by YouTube.

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Hey guys I got a couple quick tips for you on YouTube today
We now have Hover Cards so if someone's looking at one of your videos
and they hover over your channel name
they will see your YouTube banner and also
your description that you have on your YouTube channel
so if you don't have your YouTube channel banner
art now is the best time to go ahead and get that taken care of
so that people will be attracted to your channel and want to subscribe.

The other tip I wanted to share with you
is about your YouTube stats and also checking the stats of
other videos and other channels that you watch.
Well VidIQ - they have a Google Chrome
Extension now make sure you install that extension
and this is what you'll see.
Next to a video that you're watching you're going to see statistics
such as how many subscribers they have, how many views, you know the Facebook likes...
All the stats but also something that's been hidden from us
for a while which is the YouTube tags.

So now this is the way to do your research on the SEO that you're doing
on any of your videos. You can check out the tags
of the popular videos that you're trying to compete with so go ahead and get
that extension from Vid IQ just go to
Okay that's it for today guys but make sure you subscribe
so you can stay on top of all the YouTube tips.
I'll also have blogging tutorials and of course
Google Chrome extensions!
I'll talk to you soon.
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