Twitter Spaces Guide for Beginners 2022

Twitter has expanded the toolset of Twitter Spaces to help support the conversations happening on the platform. Take advantage of the power of social audio and host your own show on Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is a unique form of social audio that allows you to build deeper connections with your followers in real-time.

The first thing you can do is join as a listener. You may listen to a Twitter live or recorded space from your mobile device or from your desktop.

You can join any Space that is currently live by tapping on the purple orb at the top of the home tab on the Twitter mobile app.
Plan to discuss topics you are familiar with or want to learn about

- Create a Graphic for your Twitter Space in Canva

- Tap the Spaces icon and give your Space a title

- Choose up to 3 topics to help with discoverability

- Turn on Recording (people can listen to the replay on Twitter)

- Schedule (I recommend at least 5 minutes ahead to leave time for step 4)

- Tweet your space with your custom graphic

- Add your link to Spaces Dashboard and Backstage

- Start space

- Invite Co-host

- Greet listeners and announce your agenda

- Pin Tweets to the nest and make use of emojis

- Invite speakers to take the mic (up to 10)

- Clip Content to promote key moments from your Space

- Repurpose your content

0:00 Why use Twitter Spaces
1:44 Hypefury AMA
10:41 Spacesdashboard
14:30 Create custom graphic in Canva
15:00 Invite a co-host
18:07 Pin Tweets to the nest
19:26 Joselin Mane Creator Community Chat
22:49 Create promo clips
24:21 Avoid fake followers
25:11 Share emoji reactions
26:00 Recap of step-by-step
28:00 Repurpose for your podcast
29:10 Did I miss anything
29:42 You are beautiful people

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