TubeBuddy Split Testing Made Easy

For years YouTube content creators have used TubeBuddy to successfully get more views and subscribers on YouTube. I've done it myself and one of my favorite reasons for using Tubebuddy is the powerful A/B testing tool. Find out how and give TubeBuddy a try today!

TubeBuddy launched an update that makes it easier to start split testing your YouTube content.

We no longer need to log in to the TubeBuddy website and search for the video we need to start split testing, like we did in the past.

Now you can start testing your: Thumbnails, Titles, Descriptions and Tags, with this new feature that shows up directly on the video editing page inside your YouTube Studio.
TubeBuddy will email you a link to the results when the test is complete. However, don't just look at which video got the most views. Go deeper into the statistics and check out the view duration, watch time and new subscribers before making your final decision on keeping your old thumbnail (title, description, tags) or switching to the new alternative.

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