Making Money with More Income Streams

Content creators have many ways to make money online, and some methods work better than others. I've tried many different approaches and it may take time before you find what will work best. Be openminded to trying some of the additional sources of income I share in this video.

My take on the multiple streams of income that were previously covered in videos from:

Doc Rock - The Truth About Making Money as a Content Creator

Sean Cannell from Think Media - How I Built 21 Streams of Income

I also talk about the concept of "value4value" introduced by Adam Curry and others featured in the Podcast Index:

There are many ways to generate streams of income online as well as offline. I have tried many strategies to earn extra money and increase the bottom line. In my experience, some of these strategies for generating additional revenue worked very well, other's did not. My goals is to introduce you to some ways to make extra income that you may not be aware of but also to encourage you to think beyond what others are doing and find your own path.


0:00 Making money online
3:08 Value 4 Value
6:59 Affiliate marketing can generate a great income
11:36 Monetization on YouTube to earn more revenue
12:35 YouTube Super Thanks work on published videos
15:38 YouTube Studio Monetization Tab
17:18 How to check your account for Super Thanks in YouTube Studio
23:35 Monetization on Your Facebook Page
25:03 Facebook Paid Events is another way to make money
25:50 Doc Rock's video
28:48 Sean Cannell from Think Media's video
31:29 Facebook Stars are similar to YouTube Super Chats and Super Thanks
33:18 How to locate your Facebook Creator Studio
36:00 Facebook Stars on past broadcasts
36:38 Earn a monthly income with Facebook Subscriptions
40:29 Public speaking at events can be a huge source of income
41:50 Online coaching and courses are great for making steady income
46:22 Cash back and points on business credit cards
50:35 Start your own affiliate program to generate residual income
53:00 Nicole Purvy Better Than Success
56:00 Satoshis
59:00 Rental income from real estate investment
1:01:00 A full gut remodel of my property
1:04:00 Plan for the future with additional revenue streams
1:06:68 Why I use Twitter and how to start sending Tweets
1:08:00 How to earn extra with a well established blog
1:09:45 JV partnerships are another form of affiliate marketing
1:12:00 Charity drives can earn money for a great cause

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