How To Make A YouTube Subscription Widget For Your Blog [Free from InboundNow]

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The box features social sharing buttons, a featured YouTube video, a Facebook like box, a Twitter follow button and a YouTube subscription box

In this video you'll learn how to set up a YouTube Subscription widget box and add it to a page on your blog on WordPress but you can use the box on Blogger and other websites as well.

You'll see how to customize the colors of the YouTube Subscription box borders using the Colorzilla Extension for Chrome.

01:59 Create the "Social YouTube Embeds" widget
02:08 Here's what you will need:
Your YouTube User Name
Twitter User Name
Facebook Page URL
YouTube Video URL
URL of the page on your Blog where you will install the "Social YouTube Embeds" widget
03:25 How to find the URL of a YouTube Video from the "Share Button" on YouTube
04:14 Get the Embed Code for the Subscription Widget
04:25 How to add the Embed Code on a WordPress blog
05:08 BONUS TIP! Customizing the color of the box border
05:17 How to use the ColorZilla Extension for Chrome
06:04 Edit the Embed Code of the Subscription box to match your blog logo or theme color
07:05 Get the Facebook Like To Download button

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