How to Add Scrolling Text Banners to Your Videos

Scrolling Text Banners can help get your message across during your live streams and in your pre- recorded videos. You can use Ecamm Live to create a scrolling ticker that can be customize and positioned anywhere you want on screen. Streamyard banners can be used as scrolling text too.

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00:00 Ms. Ileane will show you how to add scrolling text to videos
00:40 How to edit the text banner using Ecamm Live
01:00 Change the speed of the text scroll in Ecamm Live
01:29 Get a free trial of Ecamm Live
01:45 Change or remove the background color, change the font, and size of the text
02:48 Check the banner settings to ensure that you create a ticker
03:05 How to change the color of the text and background
03:51 Reposition the ticker on screen using Ecamm Live
04:41 Create the scrolling text with Streamyard
05:20 Go live or select the option to create a pre-recorded video in Streamyard
05:30 Edit a text banner in Streamyard
05:50 Your scrolling text has a Black background with White text
06:40 Leave a comment with a link to a video that you added scrolling text

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Tools list:
EcammLive - Live streaming software for Macs

Streamyard - Browser based live streaming app

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