Make Designs Fast with Canva Quick Create

Canva recently introduced a tool for Canva Pro users called "Quick Create". You can create cross-platform social media campaigns in minutes.
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Quick Create is a feature in Canva that allows you to generate one design that can be used in many social media platforms. It's super quick and easy.
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0:00 Intro to Quick Create
0:48 Choose desired social platform designs
1:14 Important to include Twitter
1:36 Add your text
2:16 Replace image
2:37 Canva generated several versions of design
3:00 Select a design
3:30 Change the color palette
4:24 Your Brand Kit on Canva Pro
5:23 Shuffle to change color placement
6:47 Canva integrates with AWeber, Libsyn, Buzzsprout
9:15 Platforms on Quick Create
10:21 How to: See my collection
11:22 Resize Twitter post for YouTube
12:02 Increase line spacing of text
14:01 How to find folder with your designs
18:06 Folders are life in Canva
22:45 Keep organized with folders
32:00 Canva versus Photoshop
35:00 Canva Value Statements

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