VIDEOS FOR PODCASTERS AND CONTENT CREATORS YouTube Hover Cards show a preview of your channel banner and your channel descriptions.
The VidIq extension for Chrome shows a full list of stats for each video you watch along with the video tags which were previously hidden by YouTube.

Get the YouTube Rankings Ass…

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I use the OtterBox Defender Series Case With Holster Style Belt Clip for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. The hard plastic shell for this case provides great protection for your phone but it is extremely difficult to open. You need to release the tension clips with your fing…

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YouTube Title Adder Extension will help you find the source of a video link. Use this extension in WordPress stats (from Jet Pack Lite) to find out exactly which videos are sending traffic back to your blog.

Install the extension here:

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One way to get more views on YouTube is by using YouTube Annotations. This is part 2 in a video series about how to use annotations to get more YouTube views and get more YouTube Subscribers. In this video you'll learn how to create and use clickable annotations…

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There is a definite rule about what you should wear when you get in front of the camera to record your YouTube Video. After 4 years of making videos, I share my thoughts in this quick video. Watch it and learn what it is…

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YouTube Analytics has some shortcomings when we want to track the performance of specific videos. Cyfe is a Chrome Extension that will help you overcome some of the challenges of tracking YouTube video statistics.

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You can clean up your following on Google+ with Circloscope


Watch as I demonstrate how to:

Remove inactive users from your circles on Googl…

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Happy Mother's Day 2013 and check out a guest post on my blog from my daughter Nikki. She is the person who inspired me to start blogging and now she is building Online Directories with WordPress. Read about it here…

View more AWeber provides the option to send subscribers to a Custom Thank You page when they join your mailing list. You can track newsletter conversions statistics using Google Analytics by setting up a URL Destination Goal for this Thank You page.

In this video find st…

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The brand new AWeber facility in Chalfont PA is amazing. AWeber gives their employees an environment that allows them to be creative at work and play. This promotes company loyalty and inspires the employees to provide outstanding service to each and every one of their customers.
▶ Check out my gea…

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It's important to know where your traffic is coming from, so you can discover where to get more of it!
Discover the real traffic GEMS & Ditch the JUNK
Successful Projects Always Start with the "Prep Work"

Step #1 : Setting up your GOALS
On the Google Analytics Admin Panel select the Goals Tab
By t…

View more YouTube Partners can use annotations to link back to their websites. In this video I will demonstrate how to find the number of conversions or AWeber email subscribers that you receive based on the people who come to your blog from YouTube.

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Get this free YouTube Subscription Widget Box Creator from David Wells at

The box features social sharing buttons, a featured YouTube video, a Facebook like box, a Twitter follow button and a YouTube subscription box

In this video you'll learn how …

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With Hostgator you get 1 click install for WordPress blogs and they will migrate the blog for you. This is an introduction to a full playlist of videos produced by HostGator concerning their WHM packages. Watch the full playlist here…

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PicMonkey is a free online image and graphics editor that integrates with Google Drive.

Use PicMonkey to do basic tasks like adding text overlays, cropping and resizing images but it also has several advanced functions. Get the PicMonkey app from the Google Chro…

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This video demonstrates how fixing YouTube captions can enhance your videos by editing the auto-generated captions to make the text more accurate and help your videos get discovered here on YouTube. It's also a good idea to add captions make your videos more accessible to users who can watch your v…

View more SoundGecko is an extension for Chrome that will convert blog posts, pdf's, RSS feeds and news articles on the web from text to audio so you can listen on the go with your iPhone, Android or other Smart Phone.
Get SoundGecko and help us both get the pro version…

View more Welcome to the Ms. Ileane Speaks YouTube Channel. If you're a Blogger or a YouTuber I have lots of tutorials for you. I also like to use Google Chrome and you'll find some of the best Chrome Extensions highlighted here.
Stay tuned and go to for mo…

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SEOPressor Version 5 Tutorial and Review - this WordPress SEO Plugin was updated in 2013. This plugin has helped my blog rank high in search results for many highly competitive keywords and now that the plugin has been updated I expect even more rankings. Ta…

View more Are there Do-Overs in YouTube? What do you do when you post a YouTube video and the information in the video is WRONG?? How do you fix it?
Delete the video and pretend it never happened
Edit the video to cover up the mistake
Make a public apology on Google Hangouts On Air …

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This Hangout on Air is hosted by Ileane Smith of Ms. Ileane Speaks and the topics covered are Podcasting, Promoting your podcast, YouTube

Panel guests are Richard Cleveland of and Erin McKay

00:25 Introductions: Ileane Smith and Richard Cleveland…

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Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule your Tweets, and posts to Facebook and LinkedIn.

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In this video, you'll gain insights for:
Installing the Buffer extension and Bufferapp from the Chr…

View more If you are using LibSyn's OnPublish feature and sending your podcast to a Blogger blog you can easily change the look of the player.

By default LibSyn sends the legacy player when you publish an episode of your podcast to Blogger but I'm sure you will want to change …

View more How to add AdSense units to a Blogger blog or a WordPress blog - these instructions work for both.

First you need an approved AdSense account and you need to login.

Here are the steps you will take:
Go to My Ads
Create a new custom channel for your blog and pick an a…

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