Dec. 19, 2021

Voice Only Stories Have Arrived on Facebook

In this episode I share a video that you can watch on Spotify (or YouTube).

Facebook stories have a new feature that allows us to share our voice only. The captions are auto-generated and we can add static images or choose from pre-loaded animations that include the captions. 

More about Facebook's Audio Revolution

Thanks to Spotify for offering access to the video option on The Anchor Show. Want to see the video? Click here to open Spotify.

I hope everyone get's used to consuming audio content on Facebook. This is yet another way to expand your reach to potential listeners for your content. Encourage people to listen to your episodes by sharing your voice in Facebook Stories and taking advantage of all the other tools in Facebook's Audio Hub. 

Watch on YouTube

Will you use this new feature of Facebook Stories?


Hello everyone, and welcome to a new episode of The Anchor Show. I'm your host Ileane Smith and in today's episode, I want you to know right up front, there is a video component to this episode.

So if you want to watch the video, head over to Spotify, search for "The Anchor Show" and go ahead and subscribe. I'm going to be talking about how Facebook has been paying a lot of attention to the whole idea of using our voice through social audio and through our podcast.

This episode I'm specifically talking about Facebook Stories and their new audio component. Now, I'm going to also share some more of my videos, here on the podcast so stay tuned for those. They are coming your way very soon. All I need to do is make sure that you understand if you want to see the video version head over to Spotify, or you can check out my YouTube Channel. 

Anyway all the links for everything, show notes and the whole works are over at

So stay right there, this episode is coming right at ya!

Hello beautiful people it's your girl Ms. Ileane and you know that facebook has been going all in on using your voice and audio content that you can use on Facebook the latest iteration is that they've added a voice only feature to Facebook stories.

So let's head over to the iPhone and I'll show you how it works let me just show you one that i just created hello everyone i'm working on a new youtube video it'll be ready shortly so now just open up facebook and tap on create story then up at the top row you're going to scroll over until you see voice.

Tap the microphone to record your voice - in this new video I'll share with you how you can use this voice feature of facebook stories and you see how it automatically started transcribing the story i can change the backgrounds I have different choices here of different images that Facebook has preloaded.

I can just stick with just having one of these static backgrounds which I think are really cool but also check out at the bottom I can add animation so there's a fireworks here's a rainbow and we know everybody loves rainbows and then you can add this gif animation or you can do memes be sure to check out the other videos where i'm talking about facebook and their use of audio how you can add your podcast to your facebook page how you can do facebook sound bites and facebook live audio rooms.

I'll see you in the next video!

~ Stay beautiful