YouTube Rankings and YouTube Analytics With Cyfe sign up for my YouTube course.
YouTube Analytics has some shortcomings when we want to track the performance of specific videos. Cyfe is a Chrome Extension that will help you overcome some of the challenges of tracking YouTube video statistics.

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01:35 Find Your Top Ten Videos in YouTube Analytics
01:46 Tracking the performance of a specific video
01:55 Problems with searching by video title in YouTube Analytics
02:24 Looking at the Cyfe dashboard
02:26 Setting up a widget in Cyfe
02:46 Tracking your top ten YouTube Videos in a Cyfe Widget
03:09 Monitoring YouTube "view duration" in Cyfe
03:33 Preview a list of the other social networks available to track with Cyfe
04:01 Addition additional YouTube widgets to the dashboard
04:17 Get an Alphabetical Listing of All Your YouTube Videos
04:44 Seeing view counts, likes, comments, and subscribers for Google+ Tips video
05:11 Resizing and moving widgets within the dashboard
05:33 Renaming a widget
06:07 Choose traffic sources, playback locations, country maps, country lists
07:23 Facebook Page monitoring

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