Start Making YouTube Videos Today

Don't put it off another day. Start Recording YouTube Videos Today. Let go of your fear of being in front of the camera. Stop making excuses, just let them go! Promote your blog, promote your small business or even your book.


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0:00 Hey Guys, It's Ileane from Basic Blog Tips
0:03 Now my volume is a little different today because I'm not on my regular computer
0:07 But either way I'm still want to express to you
0:11 how important it is for you to be
0:14 doing YouTube videos to promote your business for your blog
0:19 or anything else that you want to
0:22 share with the world. It could even be your book. Don't be afraid to get in front
0:27 of the camera
0:28 But if you are - start off with screencasting, That's exactly the way I did
0:34 I never was in front of the camera for about the first two years
0:38 of recording videos on YouTube. It wasn't that I was afraid
0:42 it's just that I thought that my background didn't look all that great
0:47 or maybe I was having a bad hair day
0:51 But what I'm saying to you is put all that aside
0:55 get out there - start making videos
0:58 Post them on YouTube, you can put them on
1:02 on Daily Motion, Vimeo any of the other video sites
1:07 that you want to use. You can even try Wistia
1:11 If you don't start today
1:14 you'll never be comfortable getting in front of the camera
1:18 So I want you to give it a try you can even use the fifteen-second videos on
1:24 Instagram
1:25 6 second videos on Vine.
1:28 Just do it! That's all I wanted to say
1:32 and you guys take care. Peace!
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Go here to ask a question 🤓 leave a voicemail ☎️ send a text📱 or get more tips 💁🏽♀️