How to Record a Video in Canva

In this video I'll show you how to record a video using Canva. Download your video and upload it to YouTube, use it for a course, a video podcast or anywhere on social media.
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Looking for an easy way to create a professional looking video for YouTube? In this video I share how to record a video in Canva that you can use for YouTube or you can upload the video to social media.
I'm probably a lot like you searching for more creative ways to use Canva.
Well in today's video we're going to record a video using canva and - no, you can't do this in Photoshop!

You can choose the video option but for this example I have already started an animated video so what I want to do here is on the left hand side choose uploads and you'll see the option to record yourself.

Choose the right camera and mic and screen share if you wish. Change the shape of your webcam from round to landscape - whichever you prefer you'll also be able to add filters the same way you would for any Canva design.

When you're all set you can hit the record button and you'll get a three second countdown timer, go ahead and record your video, pause if you need to and click done then click save and exit.

Now you can come back to the main editor and make any other tweaks resizing and changing and moving things around in your final canva video design next you'll go up to the share option and click download then you'll just download the mp4 video now you see how easy it is to use canva to record video for a course that you're doing even for your youtube channel or upload to Linkedin or other social media so be sure to check out canva pro you get a free trial when you use my link and I'll be sure to leave that link in the description I'll see you in the next video.

Stay beautiful!

0:00 Get creative with Canva
0:24 Click "Uploads" and Record Yourself
0:47 Three second countdown timer
1:07 Record and download file
1:36 Try Canva Pro now


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