How to Monetize Your Scheduled YouTube Live

If you are using a 3rd party app to schedule your YouTube Live streams. Please watch this video so you don't miss out on monetization, live chat, video promotion and more!
I use Ecamm Live and you can give it a try here →

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When you use a 3rd party app to schedule your YouTube Live Stream, be sure to take these steps to monetize your streams.

Enable monetization of your live streams, check the Customization tab (thanks Michael Daniels to turn on live chat and replay chat, add your video to a playlist and redirect viewers to an upcoming premiere. For those of you with very active chats, you can also turn on slow mode here as well.

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0:00 Learn to live Stream with Ms. Ileane
0:22 Schedule YouTube live streams
0:45 How to schedule with Ecamm Live
1:05 How to turn on monetization
1:52 Add your stream to a playlist
2:15 Customization tab
2:26 Turn on YouTube Live Chat
2:54 Comment below
3:09 YouTube Live Checklist

YouTube has been an important platform for content creators since it launched. One of the reasons I love using YouTube so much, aside from its sophistication and supportiveness towards creators like you and me, is because there's always new opportunities opening up when you become monetized through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Let's not waste the opportunity when it comes to monetizing our live streams.

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