How to Edit YouTube Video Captions

This video demonstrates how fixing YouTube captions can enhance your videos by editing the auto-generated captions to make the text more accurate and help your videos get discovered here on YouTube. It's also a good idea to add captions make your videos more accessible to users who can watch your video but they aren't able to listen to the audio.

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Hey guys it's Ileane from Basic Blog Tips.
I got a question about editing captions on my YouTube videos and I know this is a topic that a lot of people want to hear about - so I'm going to show you how to do a very quickly.

When you're on YouTube and you have one of your videos up you'll see all these
different edit functions appear. For example this is where you can edit the info if you want to do some enhancements on your video or you can switch out the audio if you want use some of that royalty-free music that YouTube has or if you want to add or edit your existing annotations.

And here's the captions now you come over into another interface over on the right hand side you'll see the automatic captions. Click that on and this is where you'll see the captions that YouTube has detected that "should" go along with your video.

Of course some words are going to pick up incorrectly and in order to edit them you just simply type over them for example:

"Hey guys it's Ileane from Basic Blog Tips dot com"
Well of course I didn't say "paid to high society from basic block tips"
So I'll go in here and type what I really said okay I typed in new text then all have to do is click the done button and it automatically generated an edited file.

So if I want to go in here and fix this as days go by, I don't have to sit there and fix it all at once, you'll see that it's saved the edits that are already made and then I can go on and edit the rest of the captions. You may want to at least edit the parts in the beginning like for example it always picks up that I am saying "basic block tips"...

Which you all know that it's BASIC BLOG TIPS But if someone is listening without the benefit of the audio, they would still be able to read the captions and know who you are - where you're coming from.

In my case I have over a hundred videos so it would make sense for me to go and fix those beginnings and maybe the endings just to make sure that's done. And then slowly go through maybe I'll do my top videos - or maybe I'll do the ones that I thought "Well this was a sleeper" maybe I need to put that in there. Of course it's also going to increase your SEO benefits.

Okay guys i hope you found that helpful go ahead and subscribe to my channel to keep up with all the updates and don't forget to visit - ok, PEACE!
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