Facebook Live Audio Rooms

I love the new Facebook live audio rooms. They are the perfect place to get a taste of the social audio revolution and connect with your community on Facebook. Going live is always a great way to get instant feedback from your audience. Visit my page https://facebook.com/msileanespeaks

Facebook offers live audio rooms to some users which they can launch on their iPhones. The rooms can be heard on mobile and from desktop. You can invite other speakers to join you in the room, see comments from your audience and earn stars if you are eligible.

Listeners will have access to the live audio room from mobile and from desktop and they can also hear the replay in both places. Unlike social audio on platforms like Twitter Spaces, your replay will be available for download right away so that you can easily repurpose your content as an episode of your podcast.

Here's a link to my first live audio room on Facebook https://ileane.link/fbliveaudio

0:00 Audio Room replays are available
0:48 Guests can join
1:13 You may not have access yet
2:00 Schedule Audio Rooms on Facebook
2:41 How to invite speakers and moderate comments
3:17 Turn off speaker requests
3:45 Connect with me on Facebook

REQUIREMENTS LIST FROM META → https://www.facebook.com/creators/tools/live-audio-rooms

- Select public figure or creator in good standing on Facebook. (Rollout is underway to public figures and creators globally.)

- On profiles or the new Pages experience

- Uses any OS on Android or iOS13 or above on iPhone (mobile-only)

- Facebook app is updated to the latest version

- In good standing on Facebook

- On profiles or the new Pages experience

- Uses any OS on Android or iOS13 or above on iPhone (mobile-only)

- Facebook app is updated to the latest version

- A friend or follower of the host

- Account (profiles or new Pages experience) used to speak must follow the host

- If a host is an admin for a Page or profile, they may invite said Page or profile to become a speaker

Listeners can access Live Audio Rooms from iOS, Android or desktop.

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