How to Edit Tweets You Have Scheduled on Twitter

Do you want to see an edit button on Twitter? Many people are asking for the Edit button on Twitter, but what they don't know is that you can edit tweets as long as you schedule them first. Discover how easy this is to do from desktop and your mobile device.

Did you know that you can schedule Tweets directly on Twitter? What most people do is use a third party app to schedule tweets. But you can actually schedule tweets using the calendar icon on the native Twitter platform. And when you do, guess what, you'll be able to edit those tweets to add hashtags, at mentions and your own take on the content before it gets shard to your Twitter followers. Watch this to see how it works on desktop and on mobile.

0:00 Compose Tweet on Desktop
0:51 Schedule a Tweet from Twitter
1:08 Adjust date and time
1:30 Check for Unsent Tweets
1:53 Make edits to your schedule Tweet
2:04 Add hashtags to your Tweet
2:24 Upload custom Tweet image
3:29 Edit scheduled Tweet from mobile
4:32 Use cases
7:46 You already have the power to edit tweets
8:05 Official edit button coming soon
8:34 Elon Musk joins Twitter's board
8:58 Nft profile pics
9:20 Now is the time to use Twitter
11:49 Is Twitter safe?
12:40 Get help and support from brands by Tweeting
16:10 Latest Tweets versus Top Tweets
16:30 Benefits of Twitter Blue
18:55 Buffer and Agora Pulse

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