Ecamm Live integrations with Stream Deck and Streamlabs

Learn to use Ecamm Live integrations with Stream Deck and Streamlabs. With the Elgato Stream Deck you can install the Ecamm Live plugin. You can use the Streamlabs alert widgets and chat widget with @Ecamm Live

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00:00 Introduction to Ms. Ileane
06:56 Ecamm Live integration with the Elgato Stream Deck
07:15 Demo of @Elgato Stream Deck leaving a comment in YouTube live chat
09:10 Customize images on the Elgato Stream Deck
10:08 NDI mobile app turns your iPhone into a second camera
12:08 How to Set up the Ecamm Live plugin for the Elgato stream deck
12:36 Demo of playing music on YouTube live from Ecamm Live
14:19 Play a pre-recorded video during your YouTube Live with Ecamm Live
15:03 How to switch scenes in Ecamm Live with the Stream Deck plugin
15:29 Round Picture and Picture or Square PiP
19:18 Stream Deck desktop software setup
20:55 How to Send a Tweet from the Stream Deck
30:44 Streamlabs comment overlay widget
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Tools list:
Elgato Stream Deck 15 key

Elgato Stream Deck 32 key

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You can also use @StreamYard if you don't have a mac. It's a browser based live streaming app

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