Buzzsumo Tutorial: How to Improve Your Blog's Content

Many thanks to Harsh Agrawal from for inviting me to do an interview on his blog. Here is a short video to introduce myself to the community and show you a little about how I use

The full interview with me is on the Shout Me Loud Blog:

0:00 Hey Shouters! My name is Ileane
0:03 and I'm with Basic Blog Tips dot com. I'm so pleased that
0:08 Harsh invited me here to talk to the Shout Me Loud
0:12 Community. I did the interview I'm so glad you
0:15 have a chance to check it out.
0:20 In the interview I mention that I'm using a tool called Buzzsumo,
0:24 but I wanna show you real quick just in case you've never seen Buzzsumo
0:28 and you don't know what it's about. I
0:31 came into the tool and I typed in my blog.
0:35 What happens as you're going to see
0:39 all the shares and what posts on your blog
0:44 were shared the most. So
0:47 for example you'll see the number of Facebook, LinkedIn.
0:51 Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ shares.
0:55 This way you can sort by any column
0:58 for example I like to sort by the Pinterest
1:02 to see - now I know that this
1:05 post was about Pinterest so I'm not surprised that has the most
1:09 pins on my blog over the last year.
1:12 Now there's another thing you can do here
1:15 you can change that time period. Let's say I just wanna see
1:20 over the past month. Change that
1:23 filter it down. Now what's really great
1:27 about getting these little reports here?
1:31 First of all if you want you can export them
1:35 and play around with them in a spreadsheet if you want. But you can also
1:40 see
1:41 areas we're your blog is weak. For example
1:44 LinkedIn I don't get that many shares
1:47 on LinkedIn but thats intentional because I have
1:51 my work stuff on LinkedIn and I don't wanna confuse the two.
1:55 But maybe for you it maybe
1:58 Facebook. You want to put a little bit more effort
2:03 in Facebook. Now let me show you another quick thing.
2:07 You can go in here click on "View Sharers". Now I just want to know
2:14 you can do this for any blog it does not have to be your own blog
2:18 I just so happen to use my blog for example.
2:22 If you find that there someone who has a lot of followers--
2:26 here you can see their followers their domain authority
2:29 Like for example Ann Smarty she's one of my
2:33 buddies I even mention Viral Content Buzz
2:36 in the interview as one of the tools and I'm using
2:40 and Ann Smarty is the developer of that tool.
2:43 And, you know she has a lot of followers on Twitter
2:47 so if I wasn't following her already I was certainly follow her
2:51 and reach out and connect. And that's how you can use --
2:56 just a little snippet of how
2:59 you can use Buzzsumo in order to improve on your content
3:04 make sure that if there's
3:08 any gaps or any social sites where you're not getting that many shares
3:13 if you wanna grow that network then you go ahead and you start concentrating
3:17 on that. But connect with these influencers on Twitter
3:22 if that's your goal. Okay?
3:25 So I just wanted to give you that little tip before I go.
3:29 The Shout Me Loud blog is a wealth of
3:34 information for any bloggers. And you can also come over to my blog which is Basic
3:39 Blog Tips dot come
3:40 or check out my Youtube channel that's Ms. Ileane Speaks
3:45 and I'll talk to you soon please leave your comments on
3:48 interview if you have any questions I'll be there to answer you.
3:51 Take care. Peace...

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