How to Use Buy Me A Coffee to Provide Exclusive Audio Content to Your Supporters

Buy Me a Coffee added a new feature to allow us to share access to exclusive audio content with our superfans! This is a great option for podcasters but any content creator can take advantage of the tools available that help your fans support you financially. Sign up

Buy Me A Coffee is a service that provides an easy way for your supporters to give you money to show appreciation for your work. Setting up a Buy Me a Coffee page is much easier than creating a membership site on a website or blog. The newest feature allows you to provide exclusive audio content for your supporters.

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Did you ever buy someone a virtual Coffee β˜•οΈ
||||||||||||.................. 40% ⭐ Yes! I used Buy me a Coffee β˜•οΈ
||||||........................ 20% ⭐ Yes, but I used a different site
||||||||||||.................. 40% ⭐ Not yet, but I will now πŸ™ŒπŸ½ |||||||||||||||
Next Channel Subscriber Goal 80% |||||||||...... 12K/15K

0:00 Exclusive content without a website
0:31 Audio Content for your Superfans
1:09 Posting embedded content on BMAC
1:25 How to create an AUDIO post
1:44 Upload your audio or record
2:01 BMAC versus Patreon
2:29 Sign up at
2:40 Vote on the poll

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