How to Use Video For Your Anchor Podcast

An easy way to create a podcast episode in Anchor is by uploading a video! You can repurpose videos from live streams or any video content you have on your computer by using the desktop interface on your dashboard. In this video you will learn how it works.

Upload video for your Anchor Podcast and they will convert the video into audio format for your show. You must upload the video to the desktop version of Anchor in order for this to work. But, If you have done a live stream here is how to download your video from different platforms and upload to Anchor:

00:00 Introducing Anchor Video Uploads
08:20 Download your live stream from Twitch
11:45 Download your live stream from Streamyard
15:21 Upload video to Anchor and convert to audio
19:25 Advanced settings of your Anchor account
21:14 How to access Apple podcast connect stats from Anchor
25:40 How to Claim Your Anchor Podcast in Apple Podcast Connect
28:07 Download your Instagram Live
29:32 How to move the Instagram Live video to your computer
31:56 Download Facebook live videos
38:58 Leap Into Live Bootcamp reminder

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Turn your virtual hangouts into a podcast with Anchor’s new video-to-audio conversion

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Tools list:
EcammLive - Live streaming software for Macs

Streamyard - Browser based live streaming app

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