Oct. 5, 2021

Spotify Gives Anchor Podcasters Tools to Connect with Listeners

Spotify has introduced new tools to build audience engagement for all Anchor users. Add polls and Q&A to each episode that listeners can vote and give feedback on (only available from the Spotify mobile app).
It would be great to see other podcast apps follow Spotify's lead on this.

All Anchor podcasters have access to new tools for their listeners that use the Spotify mobile app! 


This update gives podcasters a way to post interactive polls and Q&A that listeners can respond to when they listen from the Spotify app. These polls are easy to set up from your desktop and the Q&A can be added from desktop or from the new Community tab in the Anchor mobile app. 

Anchor App Community Tab

Navigate to the episode in the Anchor app and click "Community" then compose your Q&A or make a statement that you want listeners to engage with and share their feedback.


Anchor App

You can see the step-by-step instructions in this video where I share how to add a poll or compose your Q&A from desktop. 

Be sure to vote on today's poll and share your feedback in the Q&A. Here's a quick link to open this podcast in the Spotify app https://ileane.link/spotify

If you want your voice heard on an upcoming episode, use the voicemail widget on the right or click here.

Happy podcasting!